floor matters tonight

Everyone’s looking forward to the next instalment of the dance and heritage youth project, Floor Matters.  We have two sessions tonight both at Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School, Coventry.  The first session is for the peer dance leaders group, followed by a rehearsal for the feeder primary school pupils.  We hope you have all remembered your choreography and are getting excited about your performance at the Godiva Festival.  This project has been made possible by a Coventry City Council Small Arts Grant.  For more project info, please contact bgirl 1daWoman: projects@sincru.co.uk

For those of you in the east, we also have our regular bboy Foundation class with Soopa Noodle, 5.00pm – 6.30pm.  With a special treat if the sun’s out this afternoon…  For more info, please contact the Education Dynamo: education@sincru.co.uk

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