kicks collection as high as 16 double decker buses

Yes!  Loooooong time SIN Cru friend and ally, Kish Kash is described as a shoe mad DJ in the Daily Mail, with a collection worth more than £250,000.  As Kish explains, ‘the value for me is personal, they’re priceless. The thing is there are memories attached like who you were with at the time and what was going in the world at the time.’  A few years back Kish and SIN Cru AD Lucy were involved in an undercover exposé of trainer manufacturing in India which due to international relations, never reached the screens but during the filming, Kish and Lucy spoke a lot about how memories are held in their trainer collections, much like a photo album.  Click here to read the full Daily Mail interview, and to find out more about Kish and his radio show, follow him on Instagram.

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