on glorious – brappppppp

Many thanks to everyone who turned out to the Cambridge Junction last night for Views From the ‘Bridge.  Fly No Filter performed the second showing from their current Glorious Creation project, with support from Arts Council England.  The audience were amazing and made Fly No Filter feel welcome with an excerpt from The Glorious Tourwhich emotionally can be quite a tough piece to present.  Thankyou especially to those of you who have been following our work and have helped to shape our development with your continued feedback.  Your faith is utterly priceless.  “I was really blown away by its honesty, openness, humour, emotion and painfully familiar content. I’m so moved by what I saw and I want to congratulate you all” (K.Winter audience member).

It was also lovely to meet some of the other artists presenting work, including Roxanne Carney and Rosie Grabowski.  Delighted to be sharing a bill with one of SIN Cru’s work experience alumni, Eden Harbud.

Next stop for Fly No Filter is Room at Artsdepot, London on Wednesday 16th November.

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