internationally Nor I

One of the joys of developing SIN Cru’s touring company, Fly No Filter, is spending time with such glorious company artists.  My Johansson is no exception.  She joined Fly No Filter back in the summer for the RnD phase, is one of the faces for our marketing campaign, and inbetween our Creation commitments, is preparing her own work for some international showcases which cunningly sandwich our next Glorious performance.  Get the dates in your diaries and stop putting off that trip to Sweden 😉

15th November – Nor I, for Gill Clarke’s Day, Independent Dance, London

16th November – Glorious Mia, for ROOM, artsdepot, London

17th and 18th November – Negotiating space, for Echo Echo Festival of Movement and Dance, Londonderry, Northern Ireland

3rd December – Nor I, for Going Solo Together, Teater Martin Mutter, Örebro, Sweden

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