new participate!

Hello March.  This week brings the start of spring with more daffodils and other floral inventions, some sun, and new Participate! programmes:

Hip Hop Tots Fresh As is a six week hip hop dance and movement project for 0 – 6yr olds every Tuesday, exploring the theme of being dope and looking fresh. There will be five weekly practical sessions with Bboy Soopa Noodle and guest JNR Sinstars, finishing with a theatre trip to Cambridge Junction to see Getting Dressed on the 6th April.

Foundation Fillers starts tomorrow and runs for five weeks suitable for 7yrs – adult.  Lead by Soopa Noodle (Sinstars) with assistance from Szymonster (JNR Sinstars) this is an entry level to the dance form of bboying and provides fillers for more advanced bboys who have gaps in their knowledge.

For more info or to register, please contact education@sincru.co.uk

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