the glorious tour

We are extremely pleased to announce that Fly No Filter will be going on the road with The Glorious Tour this March.  Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Lucy Crowe will be directing the new company line-up, to bring together both RONI and MIA and all the excerpts Fly No Filter have been developing over the last couple of years.  This is a massive achievement that all of us at SIN Cru are very proud of.  Lucy feels that she owes a lot of thanks to a lot of people who have been part of this journey as audience, supporters, collaborators, partners, and muses.  Throughout this leg of the project, she will be using this space to blog about the company’s process and share resources, research and inspiration as we head towards the tour.  We would like to encourage you all to continue to be involved by sharing your comments and posting discussions about the art, and the themes.

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