it all starts where it starts

SIN Cru’s next bboy Foundation course starts this Thursday, in conjunction with Fly No Filter’s The Glorious Tour.  Its a short five week course suitable for complete beginners to the dance style of bboyin, and for those with gaps in their knowledge who would like to get back to class.  If you haven’t already signed up, or you would like to find out more, holler education@sincru.co.uk

Today’s blog from Fly No Filter is also about beginnings.  When the company arrive in the Bridge for the tour rehearsals, we will first explore Roni’s story and what better way to introduce thirteen year old Roni, than to watch Tim Burton’s 1988 film BeetlejuicePlease pay particular attention to Winona Ryder’s character Lydia, who’s ‘whole life is a dark room.  One big dark room.’

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