james on the glorious tour

33yr old James (also known as James Therobot/ NuBoy/ Jimmy Jango/ Foggy) spent a year on SIN Cru’s internship, back in 2014/2015.  At the end of the placement, he battled to join the Sinstars and has been an extremely proactive member of SIN Cru since.  It was therefore a delight that he auditioned for Fly No Filter last summer.  James has performed in many hiphop shows, as a long serving member of Trinity Warriors, and toured with Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre which included break and poppin rep, so he has been able to bring a variety of experience to the new Fly No Filter company line-up.  Our roving reporter Iona Frisbee, close friend of James’ Russian friend, Vladislav. B. B. Donhurtme, caught up with James eating a bowl of organic broccoli to hear his views on being involved in Fly No Filter’s first work, The Glorious Tour.  To get the party started right, James kicked off with two requests for the DJ, Mighty Healthy – Supreme Clientele, Ghostface Killer, and Gang Starr – Now You’re Mine. James explains that his role in The Glorious Tour project was as a dancer with lines as well as choreography.  Having really enjoyed the rehearsal process which included creative tasks to generate movement around themes, and exploration with text/ audience interaction, James was also pleased to get back into company class which is something he became very familiar with during his internship.  James feels that the project has increased his capacity for learning and remembering lines, and that it’s not as hard as he had initially thought to perform written text and speak to audiences.  These are both skills which he hopes to continue to develop in the future.  James has learnt a lot about his physical abilities: strengths and weaknesses, which are already helping him to inform his practice.  He has learnt by watching and taking part in Lucy’s (Fly No Filter Artistic Director) practice: yoga, breath work, line learning techniques, recovery techniques, creative tasks, Breakin’ technique, stage craft, people management.  James adds that there are things from this list which he has actively tried to take on in his own artistic practice, post tour.  After the rehearsal block Fly No Filter toured the work to six venues, and when asked to describe the work in three words, James chose: undulating, stifling, static. The Glorious Tour is about many kinds of love, something which James defines as an incurable, logic defying addiction. Although he dosen’t admit to ever using a chat up line, one of his favourites is “I’ve lost my phone number, can I have yours instead?” and also, very vaguely, he can only remember having received a chat up line after a night out in Toronto. He danced all night at a dancers party, and the next day a girl from the club added him on Facebook. Her opener: “Winking kissing face, shocked unhappy face, party celebration streamers, crying laughing face, musical notes, smiling sincere face, dancing girl, love hearts face, dancing girl.”  Being involved in The Glorious Tour has informed James’ physical and creative practise, taught him new techniques, and has helped him forge stronger working relationships with other company members. He would love to be involved in future Glorious Tour activity and feels great about continuing to build with Fly No Filter as a company member.  To support Fly No Filter, please check out our gofundme campaign, donate and share 🙂 gofundme.com/glorious-dance-theatre-development

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