borrowing from intertextuality

Hip hop culture is layered with references and samples, borrowed influences and bold remixes of inspiration.  Allusion, quotations, out and out plagiarism – theft – biting, translation, pastiche, and parody are all rife within the hip hop arts, and they help us to find meaning in a rap, a throwdown, a full graffiti production…   The Only When Its Feathers are Grown R&D borrowed the literary device of intertextuality to explore the interconnectivity of different art forms and how those relationships can alter meaning.

Fly No Filter are exposing themselves to a range of resources from which to respond to, reference and remix in support of the project.  They caught Jasmine Vardimon‘s Medusa at Cambridge Junction, and attended a follow-up masterclass with one of her company dancers.  They looked at site specific creation with Dante or Die, and have collated ideas from the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican earlier this year, with a photoshoot.  Tomorrow they are grasping the opportunity to see how the collaborative working practice of Swimming Horses creative collective comes together in a performance as part of Cambridge University’s Festival of Ideas; 6.00pm at Waterstones.

Only When Its Feathers are Grown is supported with public funding from Arts Council England 

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