open company class

Fly No Filter are half way through the first week of their wonderful Only When Its Feathers are Grown residency at Waterstones Cambridge.  The company have open studio on the events mezzanine, third floor all day tomorrow and Friday.  If you are about town, pop in to see what they are working on, watch a rehearsal, ask questions, and leave your feedback.  Everyone is most welcome.  With two more open company classes left, any dance students, dance graduates, and professional dance artists have the opportunity to take free morning class, 9.15am – 10.45am.  The space is open from 9.00am and we have a water station, so come up, catch your breath after climbing the stairs, unroll your leg warmers, and lets get physical, physical.  All in the strictest bboy styleee ofc.

“You owe me seven dollars man”

“For what?”

For teaching you how to dance, sucker.”

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