sharing is caring, and baring all

With bellies full of shepherds pie and steamed syrup pudding, the Fly No Filter company members retreat for one last sleep before sharing the beginnings of the new Only When Its Feathers are Grown performance installation.  With funding from Arts Council England, the whole project has been a complete collaborative effort between all the artistic minds, and both the venue partners.  From living together in yurts in Abington Woods for a week, and getting to know each others rhythms and recognising those little ticks that suggest a storm is brewing, to submerging oneself in questionable activities that you don’t quite remember being in the contract – all in the name of art.  All in the name of communicating something deeper, all in the name of shared experience.  And trying to understand ourselves better, in order to be able to live alongside one another better.  The company are at the end of two weeks residency at Waterstones bookstore in Cambridge.  The last few days have been a mixed bag of hysteria, panic, comedy, calm, cunning, and always creativity.  As with dinner tonight, chez Maman Crowe, its all in the detail, vegan and wheat free options topped off with the perfect consistency of custard.  But unlike a reluctance to share the pudding, the company are all looking forward to the pilot performance, and gathering feedback to develop the project on to the next stage.

For reals, if you go down to Waterstones tomorrow, be sure of a big surprise… photography, psychology and bboyin all meet to tell the story of 16yr old Roni and her mum.  It is interesting what people choose to share, and fascinating what they don’t.

Join Fly No Filter, Friday 9th November, 6.30pm at Waterstones, Sidney Street Cambridge.  Although this is a free, unticketed event, donations are welcome, and as space is limited, please RSVP to: flynofilter@sincru.co.uk to reserve a place.

2 thoughts on “sharing is caring, and baring all

  1. The steamed syrup pudding really is one of the best desserts ever… a great one to calm the nerves.

    By the end of the two weeks at Waterstones I was definitely in a hysterical state. Learning and becoming Roni everyday through her extreme emotions definitely allowed me to feel very connected to her.
    Her emotions were also an outlet for myself & Roni’s therapy was also becoming my therapy… all very odd… seems I can’t live without her now.

  2. I have had the pleasure in witnessing your journey of bringing Roni to life, and its the moments where you find your truth in the art you are sharing, that makes it all so poignant. Amazing

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