the look of life

Hello, nice to meet you.  My name is Tom O’Donohoe.  Some of my friends call me Heathen or Pagan since I worship and pray to the old gods such as Odin and Thor.  I originally come from up north in West Yorkshire from a village called Queensbury in Bradford.  So, if you ever meet me in person and can’t understand me because of my slang or how quickly I talk, then just listen carefully as there’s no helping you there.  I also have roots in Northern Ireland and you can sometimes hear that in my accent which doesn’t help the situation either.

Whilst growing up I had a few hobbies including swimming, which I was introduced to at three months old, and later boxing.  During a sparring session I got socked square in the nose and was like, nope this isn’t for me.  After that I continued with my swimming training, then in year six of primary school, I watched Step Up 2.  I was shocked at how people could move and glide like that, and from then on, dance was something that I always wanted to do.  I am now in my third year of a Performing Arts Dance degree at the University of Surrey.  This is a placement year which I am spending interning with SIN Cru.

So, for the duration of my placement, I will be taking over this blog on Mondays.  I will use this space to talk about my roles and responsibilities, what struggles and gains I am going through, and how I am finding being away from home.  Have a read and leave any comments of understanding, advice, some light entertainment… as I consider my plans for the future, and how this experience is helping me.


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