keeping my coin spinning

Intern Tom’s weekly contribution:

I am on a full time Dance Internship at SIN Cru, which is split basically into two parts. With one side of the coin being practical and the other time admin I am kept rather busy throughout the week and being given more responsibility over time.

The admin side of my job consists of creating professional emails, newsletters, invitations to special events, invoices, interview invitations, and lesson plans. I sometimes have to research someone, or something related to the Bboy dance style, such as Ken Swift, or find a certain something that we need for a project like the wooden box from our previous project Only When Its Feathers are Grown. The practical side of this internship is the part I most enjoy as I get to join in the classes throughout the week including Company Class on Wednesdays and Foundation Fridays to help improve my bboy technique. The wellness class on Tuesdays and running five days a week is helping my flexibility and overall fitness.

I have a lot to work on, for both sides of the coin. I have to work on my professionalism in my emails and I need to make them draw the reader in and not bore them with information, which over the eight weeks I have been here, is improving. With my bboying I need to work on my stance, relaxing more into it so I don’t look stiff and upright when top rocking. I also need to work on my musicality, listening for the beat and letting the music flow through my movements. So hopefully I will continue to improve over the next eight months as I would like to continue Bboying in the future.

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