r.i.p one direction

I am on a journey.  From Bradford Royal Infirmary, October 1997, to some undisclosed place and time in the future.  Already I have lived at five different addresses, know how to use Google Maps on my phone, and understand a Southern accent.  Sometimes my travels are dangerous and exciting like walking through the woods in the middle of the night to find my bed, at the very start of my internship with SIN Cru.  Sometimes the journey is challenging, and at first being away from home after a summer with my family, was hard.  I hardly knew anyone around me, I didn’t know the area I was now living in, 135 miles away from where I grew up.  So I retreated.  My new room in Cambridge became a sandy beach for me to lay my hermit shell whilst I got used to the house, only coming out when I needed to.  In the following weeks I came more out of my shell as I began to interact with my colleagues in the office, talking to my housemates, and I started to explore the area around me, learning the routes I had to follow, using maps on my phone.

Then I started to get homesick which interrupted my sleep and I lost motivation.  Its quite easy to take the wrong turn and end up lost but I’m learning to check Google Maps for a re-route as soon as I find myself off course.  Maps gives you three different pathways and it suggests the quickest route. I know I can choose to 1) keep an issue to myself, 2) rant to my mum, 3) voice my concerns to my support network.  My screen re-loaded with a message saying re-directing route.  I selected 2) and ranted to my mum.  She told me to 3) voice my concerns to my Line Manager, Lucy.  After speaking to Lucy and having her telling me not to worry so much, that this internship is about me learning and it dosen’t matter if I go wrong as that will help me learn in the long run, made me feel better about myself and taught me that whatever pathway you find yourself going down, don’t stop and retreat the way you came as a different direction leads to new opportunities.

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