cos I’m happy, cos I’m new, cos I’m energised

Happy New Year.  Happy Year of the Pig.  Happy Thursday and welcome to the first blog of 2019.  We’ve been a bit late to the party getting our blog on, but you all know that a party never fully gets going until SIN Cru are in the house, so its all Oxo.  We’ve been busy in the lab creating and sweating and more creating, with members from Friday Foundation.  This new generation of bboys, Able-C, De Nice, Flex and Fresh Freddie Fresh, have been working their hardest, putting in hours of rehearsals with project leader Sarah Snyders (eOTo).  Sarah’s task was to design and deliver a performance project for Energise Youth Dance Showcase.  Energise has grown to become an annual event presenting work from Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire, featuring fantastic performers across all genres of dance.

What are your hopes and goals for this year?  At SIN Cru we are looking forward to more artist development, collaborations and new partnerships, and have started with our Energise project, as we mean to go on.  Sarah has received management support from Tom (eOTo), mentoring and choreography with AD Lucy, and a gift of studio space from CSVPA for the first week of intensive training with the group.  She has chosen the dope track Because I’m Meby The Avalanches, and Tom has instigated a Twitter convo with the Australian group as part of his online marketing plan.  We are pledging to focus on the things that help us feel happy this year, launching with the Energise event which brings young people from dance schools all over Cambridgeshire together to celebrate their love of dance.  What does the year of the Pig mean for your plans?  It is a great year to make money, and invest in your dreams.  This year is going to be full of joy, friendships and love.  It is an auspicious year because the Pig attracts success in every sphere of life.

Feeling energised?  SIN Cru Community are performing in the matinee this Saturday, so if you would like to purchase a ticket head over to ticketsource to grab yours before they run out.

Saturday 9th February, 2.00pm Swavesey Village Collage

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