neutral space relaxation

Neutral Space Relaxation® was developed by Lyn and Graham Whiteman, synthesising many years of work in light touch therapies, counselling, nutrition and yoga. It works on core levels of the body’s systems to bring balance, restoration and our natural healing responses into alignment. As a somatic, body based approach, Neutral Space Relaxation® is the perfect complement to existing therapies of all sorts as well as its own stand alone work.

Long time SIN Cru associate, Dr Hannah McClure is running a two week Neutral Space Relaxation practitioner training course.  Participants will learn basic techniques for balancing the core systems of the body through touch.  The experience is deepened through meditation, movement and guided supervision. Theory of touch, the body’s physical and energetic systems, is presented for a fullness of understanding.  On completion of the course, participants will be certified to practice Neutral Space Relaxation techniques with clients.

UK training dates:

March 21st – 24th 2019 Week One

June 24th – 28th 2019 Week One/Two

September 19th – 22nd 2019 Week One/Two

For more information, or to book, please contact Hannah

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