lionel march memorial conference

Lionel March was a mathematician, architect, and digital artist.  He was a pioneer in connecting design with architecture, and the founding director of the UK’s first research centre for architecture, the Centre for Land Use and Built Form Studies.  In the 1960’s March started experimenting in serial art, becoming one of the world’s first digital artists. In 1962 he held an exhibition titled “Experiments in Serial Art” at the ICA.  From 1966 – 1967 artist and SIN Cru fam, Judith Crowe moved to Cambridge to work as March’s assistant, painting many of his pieces.  March continued to produce art with geometric and mathematical principles in design for the next 50 years.

March died February 2018 leaving a collection of seminal works which the Centre Pompidou in France are interested in archiving.  This week Cambridge University are hosting a two day conference to celebrate March, his work, and the impact he has had on modern design.

20 – 21st March, Cripps Court, Madgelene College, Chesterton Road, Cambridge CB4 3AD

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