the phoenix can fly

We have been closing our Only When Its Feathers are Grown creation days with Yinspired Stretch and Re-set; an hour of held poses, deep breathwork, and surrender.  Our practise comes from the Yin Yoga concept of universal connectivity and an awareness to inner silence.  The physical aims of Yin are to increase circulation in the joints to improve flexibility by holding stretches for several minutes.  The practise of long-held poses was introduced to the West in North America in the 1970s by a martial artist Paulie Zink.  He had developed his practise under Master Cho Chat Ling, a specialist in Monkey Kung Fu.  Today Lauren became Roni, became the Monkey King and with the help of a group of enthused young people, we filmed Roni the Monkey King flying through the trees and jumping across the rooves of shipping containers.

Join us at Cambridge Junction, 2nd May to see the final film and meet Roni the Monkey King in person.

Join us sooner at Abington Woods for more Yinspired Stretch and Re-set, Tuesday 16th, Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th April, 5.00pm – 6.00pm

3 thoughts on “the phoenix can fly

  1. The yinspired stretch at the end of each session was hugely beneficial to me. I find holding poses really uncomfortable and I tend to choose not to do it. Being in a relaxing environment and having that space and time was really good & I really felt an improvement as each session went along.

    Also kicking those scary heights being the monkey king !

  2. The held stretches was something I really struggled with in the beginning. But after a couple of days I could feel the benefits of it not just on my body but my mind. Being able to sit through the pain and discomfort takes a certain level of mental power. ‘When things hurt,it does not necessarily mean it’s a bad thing’. I found a direct link to healing ones soul. Siting in the pain of life isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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