The development of Fly No Filter‘s performance installation, Only When Its Feathers are Grown, has been a conscious partnership with the subconscious.  Artistic Director Lucy Crowe spoke to Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Dr Nyangereka in a seminar about creative process and psychology in performance.  The seminar was part of the project’s community engagement programme which ran across two centres – Abington Woods and Cambridge University’s Faculty of English.  If you weren’t able to catch the seminar live at the Judith E. Wilson studio, we have now uploaded it on youtube.  Would be very interested to hear your comments, either on this blog, or on the youtube link:

2 thoughts on “chatabout

  1. I’m surprised thats possible – you’ve been down since the start of The Glorious Tour AND you are the only person in the whole wide world to have read Roni’s story in full… Very pleased you are still exploring and investigating


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