this blog entry is dedicated to all the teachers that told us we’d never amount to nothing.  To all the people that told us to get proper jobs and be realistic, with a pension.  And all the artists in the struggle.  You know what I’m saying.  It’s all good, baby baby.

It was all a dream – we used to read Hip Hop Connection, and listen to pirate radio, pressing pause and record, pause and record.  We never thought that Hip Hop could take us this far, but now we’re in our own limelight because we’re building tight.  SIN Cru is twenty five years deep and its time to get paid, to blow up like the World Trade.  No more eating sardines for dinner, because we’ve been awarded real p’s from Arts Council England to develop our artists, transform our practise, share love with our communities and grow stronger for longevity.  We blowing up like my ma knew we would – reach us on the same number, in the same hood, strengthening our locality and empowering our peoples.  It’s all good, and if you don’t know, now you know.

Back to the Future #SINCru25 project launched on Monday, with support from Arts Council England, Big Yellow Storage, VideoSuite Ltd, Adidas Originals, and Church of the Good Shepherd.  We’ll be luncheoning, and brunching, with radio interviews by the hot tub, challenging stereotypes of a culture misunderstood, and it’s still all good

Representing C-Town in a region where Hip Hop is marginalised our project will seed a new framework to raise quality and viability for the Bboy culture and workforce.

You know very well we give good and plenty.

RascElle and Khagen it’s all good/ Margaret Scratcher and Marshy it’s all good/ Ken Swift and Geo it’s all good/ Clare LDN it’s all good/ Hakeem Mr Impact it’s all good/ Ben Swift, James Therobot and TrubLroC it’s all good.  It’s all good.  That’s right 2020 and on and on, and on and on.  Don’t let them hold you down.

Catch us talking to Prone all about Back to the Future #SINCru25 on Vinyl Destination this Sunday 19th April, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

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