Urban SINfonie prelims are now OPEN

On the 18th and 19th July, SIN Cru will be hosting a digital festival chock-a-block with dance performances, workshops, archive footage, DJ showcases, live music sets, and SIN Cru’s first ever online 2 on 2 BBoy Battle.

This year’s Urban SINfonie battle is happening via Instagram video submissions posted throughout the rest of June and July, culminating in battles presented live over the 18th and 19th July across our channels.  This is battling tailored for social distancing conditions, whilst providing opportunities for Bboys and girls worldwide to collaborate and get creative together.

Do you have crew members that live far away, or friends that you always say you’re going to enter a battle with but you’re never in the same place?  This is the time to hit them up.  No air miles, no MegaBus, no National Express.

Yessss prelims for the battle are now open, so get up, get into it, get involved:

  1. DOWNLOAD.  Go to the Urban SINfonie page and download one of our free prelim mixes from DJ Marshy or Mr Margaret Scratcher.
  2. FILM.  With your partner arrange your video and edit however you like, be as creative or as raw as necessary.  This could be just two throwdowns stuck together or you could devise something more complicated –  up to you.  Your video must feature the two of you and last no longer than the approx 2 mins duration of the prelim track.
  3. UPLOAD.  Submit on your Instagram with the hashtags #SINCru25 and #UrbanSINfonie2020 .  Make sure you tag your partner who you’re entering with, and us @SIN_Cru

At SIN Cru we have a long proud history of throwing dance events.  We’ve had visitors from all over the world come to Cambridge to compete, judge, teach and support.  2020 is no different.  Judging from a safe distance of about 5,400 miles, we are very pleased to welcome back ‘the epitome of a Bboy’ Ken Swift, 7 Gems Crew USA;  Hailing from Pontcharra, France, our second judge is Sinstars fam Geo from NexTape, creator and organiser of Who Got the Flower international jam; the third judge, Urban SINfonie veteran, is our very own C-Town raised, Sinstar TrubLroC.  Our DJs for the battles are Bridge legends DJ Marshy and Mr Margaret Scratcher with live stream pre and after parties.

Eyes peeled for more info over the coming weeks.  Put it in your filofax or Google Calendar and get ready to rumble.

10 thoughts on “Urban SINfonie prelims are now OPEN

  1. Don’t mess around! I’ve been waiting for this for YEARS. Time for me to dust off my Pumas and get into it. I cant WAIT! I have some secret moves I’ve been working on. Get ready World

  2. I hope you’re going to follow proper health and safety protocol. Dancing is fun but it can be dangerous. What if someone pulls a muscle? I have a good risk assessment if you want to borrow. LMK

  3. This is Professor Doktor. I’m extremely intrigued by your competition. Will there be a reward for the greatest dancer? I may enter with one of my assistants.

    1. Hey Professor Doktor. Great to connect with you, we have been following your work for some time now. Please DM me to discuss some project ideas

  4. This is Meta Phil from Meta Phitness. I’d like to offer my services as an instructor to your company. I don’t know much about dance, but I do know everything there is to know about fitness, I think we could collaborate together. I’ve emailed you a CV. Please let me know if you’re interested

    1. Thanks for your interest, and your CV Meta Phil. To quote Peckham’s leading entrepreneur, ‘he who dares wins’. We will be in touch, and in the meantime, do let us know if you would like some contacts for Knee Health, and arch supports.

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