this book belongs to

Many children’s books have a page which invites you to write your name on it.  The only piece of paper in the whole book you are officially allowed to mark.  Do you write your name?  How do you feel about your name?  Do you abbreviate, have a nick-name, a tag, a pseudonym, are you aka…  […]

it all starts where it starts

SIN Cru’s next bboy Foundation course starts this Thursday, in conjunction with Fly No Filter’s The Glorious Tour.  Its a short five week course suitable for complete beginners to the dance style of bboyin, and for those with gaps in their knowledge who would like to get back to class.  If you haven’t already signed […]

the glorious tour

We are extremely pleased to announce that Fly No Filter will be going on the road with The Glorious Tour this March.  Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, Lucy Crowe will be directing the new company line-up, to bring together both RONI and MIA and all the excerpts Fly No Filter have been developing over […]

we are winners

Major thanks to Feedspot for awarding us for being one of the top 15 UK hiphop blogs and hiphop lovers websites.  Very proud.  We will be displaying our medal on our virtual mantelpiece.  Props to OG SIN Cru member Disorda for also making the line up with his online one stop UK hiphop shop, Suspect […]

audition call – deadline TODAY

Joli Vyann are looking for a number of performers for different projects, starting from March 2018 going through to 2019. They are looking for performers for a new indoor show, and a new outdoor show. Performers should have the following skills: Contemporary dance (particularly athletic, dynamic, floorwork and contact) Hand to hand acrobatics (advanced skills, […]

j dilla changed my life

Abstract Orchestra plays J Dilla 16 Piece Orchestra, Micall Parknsun, Joker Star, Essa aka Yungun, and DJs Kidkanevil, Spin Doctor, DJ LoK, Mo Fingaz & Russ Ryan all come together to pay tribute to the life and music of J Dilla this Sunday 4th February, at Scala, Pentonville Road, London N1 9NL.  Dilla died from lupus […]


One 6ft woman crashes through walls and ceilings to celebrate the joy of womanhood.  Coccinellidae is Amanda Kelleher‘s unapologetic exploration into the apologetic world of women, and a defiant call to confidence.  What if we made a show that maximised a woman instead of shrinking her?  Join Amanda Kelleher at her crowdfunding event with teasers of Coccinellidae, live music […]