baby plus two/ legs

We are all very excited that Fly No Filter company manager, Dr Lise Smith-Graham-Smith aka Spice, will be returning to the stage for one run only… A year and a half ago Lise turned her early-parenting blog into a dance theatre piece, Baby Plus Two. We are delighted to shout loud that the updated piece […]


The development of Fly No Filter‘s performance installation, Only When Its Feathers are Grown, has been a conscious partnership with the subconscious.  Artistic Director Lucy Crowe spoke to Chartered Counselling Psychologist, Dr Nyangereka in a seminar about creative process and psychology in performance.  The seminar was part of the project’s community engagement programme which ran across […]

sacred dances and ideas

SIN Cru friend, supporter, and all round Superstar, Miss Dam James is walking her truth in organising a Gurdjieff seminar at the end of July.  George Gurdjieff was a mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer who drew on Eastern traditions and was responsible for bringing these ideas to the West in the 1920s.  His work […]

dear Fly No Filter/ SIN Cru

I am writing to thank you, and let you know how much the family enjoyed the Only When Its Feathers are Grown free community workshops that were running this Easter break at Abington Woods. Family budget restrictions meant we had no previous plans for the Easter break so when we saw the free community events posted on […]

the phoenix can fly

We have been closing our Only When Its Feathers are Grown creation days with Yinspired Stretch and Re-set; an hour of held poses, deep breathwork, and surrender.  Our practise comes from the Yin Yoga concept of universal connectivity and an awareness to inner silence.  The physical aims of Yin are to increase circulation in the joints […]

only when its tuesday

London the Husky slept very well in the yurt last night, and we started our first full day back in the woods, insulated with shedded siberian dog hair.  At 7.30am we opened with candle-lit Creative Meditation.  Focussing on the breath, we calmed our minds to simply observe the experience.  Breathing through our noses allowed our […]

the feathers are back in the woods

Very very very very electrifyingly excited that thanks to support from Arts Council England, Fly No Filter have returned to Abington Woods for the creation phase of Only When Its Feathers are Grown.  Lots of crazy news with new company members, new catch phrases, new superstars, and a new box.  But to avoid internal combustion en mass, […]