sharing is caring, and baring all

With bellies full of shepherds pie and steamed syrup pudding, the Fly No Filter company members retreat for one last sleep before sharing the beginnings of the new Only When Its Feathers are Grown performance installation.  With funding from Arts Council England, the whole project has been a complete collaborative effort between all the artistic minds, and […]

ever feel boxed in?

Emerging artist, Tom O’Donohoe on wood, hooks, and typewriter ribbons. “I received an email from Fly No Filter‘s artistic director Lucy, asking me to measure up the toy box, as she knew she could fit in it. Words of advice from past members of eOTo, don’t worry if it makes no sense, don’t question it, […]

“don’t ask, just go with it”

At the end of the first week on the R&D project Only When Its Feathers are Grown, the company, who had been thrown into the woods for five days, were asked for feedback.  As they hacked their way through the undergrowth, they considered the outcomes and their experience… Were you already familiar with the concept of The […]

open company class

Fly No Filter are half way through the first week of their wonderful Only When Its Feathers are Grown residency at Waterstones Cambridge.  The company have open studio on the events mezzanine, third floor all day tomorrow and Friday.  If you are about town, pop in to see what they are working on, watch a rehearsal, […]

the other world

The protagonists, heroes and heroines of myth and folklore often journey to another world, whether it be on a quest or because they’ve been banished.  Following in their large and ancient sandal-strapped footprints, Fly No Filter disappeared into the woods as an important phase in the Only When Its Feathers are Grown R&D project…  Abington is a […]

how to lay a fire

This is supposed to be easy, right? Coals, some scrunched up newspaper, dry kindling, and then when the flames catch, chuck on some logs.  Sometimes even the best laid fires don’t catch straight away.  Sometimes even the most brightly anticipated plans stall.  What is that?  Like an unexplained block in the back of your waist […]

spatial awareness

As humans living in populated communities however big or tiny, we are conditioned to understand others personal space, and to not encroach upon it.  We are encouraged to develop an awareness of being able to read a room, and as performers learn from early on in our craft how to use space, and share a […]