borrowing from intertextuality

Hip hop culture is layered with references and samples, borrowed influences and bold remixes of inspiration.  Allusion, quotations, out and out plagiarism – theft – biting, translation, pastiche, and parody are all rife within the hip hop arts, and they help us to find meaning in a rap, a throwdown, a full graffiti production…   The […]

lets talk about the descent, baby

SIN Cru intern, Tom O’Donohoe, prepared to interview Dr Michelle Nyangereka in the field of Abington Woods, feeling the warm breeze and watching the leaves skid across the grass.  He decided to set up in an area where the sun was in clear view and they wouldn’t be disturbed by falling debris from the surrounding trees. […]

a piece of cake

Tuesday mornings have become a small and important haven for a group of Abbey mums calling themselves A Piece of Cake.  Supported by Cambridge City Council, A Piece of Cake has been baked by Menagerie Theatre as an opportunity for local mums to get together and explore issues through theatre, with a mug of tea […]

only when its feathers are grown

We are all very happy and excited that Fly No Filter‘s Artistic Director Lucy Crowe has been awarded R&D funding from Arts Council England to explore ideas for a new interactive performance installation.  Lucy is collaborating with psychologist Dr Michelle Nyangereka, and photographer Mitzi de Margary to investigate personal unravellings.  With dance artist and Fly […]

no surrender

Join Classworks Theatre at Cambridge Junction for their new play about the power of protest.  Written by Ros Connelly and directed by Jenny Culank,  No Surrender is drawn from the personal writings of Constance Lytton, and tells the moving story of how a shy woman from the heart of the establishment became one of the bravest icons of […]

eOTo around and about

As we come towards the end of the first week of October, the season is beginning to change, we’ve held our conker championship, and welcomed two new members to our emerging artists scheme, eOTo.  To find out more about what Tom and Sarah have let themselves in for, head over to our archive page to […]

foundation fridays

A lot can go down between Thursday and Saturday, including our fabulous Foundation Friday short course.  Suitable for everyone, these dance workshops will break down the art of Bboyin insuring by the end, you can throwdown in the go down at the beginning of the weekend.  Come and experience the gamut of the dance style […]