reminisce by the robot

Growing up, my generation of the U.K Bboy scene were always aware of SIN Cru: we saw them at events and battles, and heard them spoken about by promoters, O.G’s and Arts organisations alike.  My crew Trinity Warriors knew of SIN Cru’s Urban SINfonie as a U.K battle event through channels like the now obsolete […]

raise TY <3

this COVID-19 is a f**ker.  Everything seems unreal at the moment, with very mixed reactions and responses to the pandemic.  Some peoples are continuing to socialise and BBQ like May bank holiday has come early; others have removed themselves, gloved, masked and haven’t seen sunlight for three weeks.  Then there’s the 1,532,726 people who have […]

why does toilet roll keep falling on my head?

welcome party people to the best day of the year, and how fantastic we are all on lockdown so no one can escape the frivolities. Sausage Finger | for this horrid little handshake you will need a raw sausage.  Put the sausage between two of your fingers so that it looks as though you have got […]

stay safe peoples

shouts to all you who are still out everyday due to vital roles and responsibilities in our communities.  Shouts to all you who are confined on lockdown, already driving each other mental.  Shouts to all yous who are properly in isolation, possibly talking to yourselves by now, and maybe you’ve resurrected your imaginary friend.  We […]

participate – cancelled

dear dancers we have made the decision to cancel our current short courses in order to help minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.  This cancellation affects Hip Hop Tots and Friday Foundation.  For the time being, we will continue with our small groups of professional artist development, with a flexible approach, knowing that we are […]

time to get dancing

This Friday 13th March is the start of our four week courses with international superstar Bgirl RascElle.  She will be teaching Hip Hop Tots for 0 – 6yr olds, and Foundation for 7yrs – adult.  Hip Hop Tots is all about having fun and expressing yourself.  Foundation will be focusing on bboy technique with creative […]


Fly No Filter‘s tremendous lighting and theatre designer Trui Malten has been working on Indecent, a new play by Paula Vogel.  Over the next two weeks, Trui will be assisting the talented Chris Akerlind in London’s Menier Chocolate Factory in this play about a play.  The travels and travails of Sholem Ash’s God of Vengeance […]

the month of love

its been a big one this year, not only because we are in a leap year, so february is legit bigger than last year, but also because SIN Cru started the month by welcoming four new editions to the Hip Hop house.  And I don’t mean Bobby, Johnny, Ronnie, Ricky, Michael or Ralph.  London the […]

be kind rewind

yes this is a tremendous 2008 farce staring Mos Def and Jack Black, that takes you back to the days of Blockbuster Video, VHS and Betamax, being on curfew, and late return fines.  An excellent Thursday night watch.  But before you settle into your sofa and homemade popcorn, please rewind to Monday.  February 17th is […]

bmx school

yessssssssss all new for 2020, 1wmbmx are running a regular BMX school for all budding flatlanders.  The team are holding a special fundraiser this Saturday to showcase flatland BMXing.  If you are a pro or expert rider, bring your skills and share tricks, £10 ride fee.  If you are interested in finding out more about […]