sharing a Piece of Cake

SIN Cru artist Lucy Crowe has been working with Menagerie Theatre this term to share skills and ideas with drama group, A Piece of Cake.  The group are all mums from the local area of Abbey, where they meet once a week in the Abbey Meadows Community Wing.  Throughout this term A Piece of Cake have […]

odd future?

eOTo Tom asks, ‘what does the future hold for me?’  He continues, ‘a question that is constantly on my mind and maybe on yours too.  You want to know where your life is going, if the choices you make will have an impact on your future, how well off you’re going to be, and if you’ll […]

freelance dancers

The University of Bedfordshire has been commissioned by One Dance UK to undertake a study into the working lives of freelancers in the dance sector. The findings will be used to inform Arts Council England’s ten-year strategy regarding future sector support and advocacy provided by us and partner organisations. With this in mind, Imogen Aujla, Senior […]

jingle jam

This Saturday Grounded UK presents Class of Zeus, a festive bboy battle jam.  Hosted by Lil’ Tim (Sinstars), and Bgirl SunSun, with the legendary DJ Billy Biznizz, and guest judge … drum roll, fig roll, judo roll … our very own TrubLroC (Sinstars/ Robin Pals).  After a day of Christmas shopping and eating mince pies, […]

r.i.p one direction

I am on a journey.  From Bradford Royal Infirmary, October 1997, to some undisclosed place and time in the future.  Already I have lived at five different addresses, know how to use Google Maps on my phone, and understand a Southern accent.  Sometimes my travels are dangerous and exciting like walking through the woods in […]

keeping my coin spinning

Intern Tom’s weekly contribution: I am on a full time Dance Internship at SIN Cru, which is split basically into two parts. With one side of the coin being practical and the other time admin I am kept rather busy throughout the week and being given more responsibility over time. The admin side of my job consists […]