SIN Cru’s Visual Arts are represented by a collection of artists who come from very different schools of thought and influences, across many different styles, from designers, to fine artists, photographers, to illustrators.  Their common ground is the role in which Hip Hop plays in their creative vision.  Hip Hop’s own visual art form is of course, Graffiti.

Modern day Graffiti Art takes in many forms but the real culture behind writing, which was the original name given to the art, can be traced back to the early 70’s when the pioneers of the movement were busy creating and developing their styles on the streets and subway cars of New York City.  Eventually the culture spread far beyond the city and captivated the imagination and creativity of many young, up and coming writers all around the world.  Their imagination and creativity lead to many different variations of the original styles developed by the NYC pioneers, enabling writing to become more accepted as a valid art form in the main stream.

Nowadays it has become more commonly known as Street Art although many writers dispute this term as it takes the focus away from the original ideology – to write your name.

SINSTARS are our graffiti crew who are committed to helping to maintain the original values of writing and preserving the culture via education and its close links to some of the pioneering NYC style masters.

2017 Artist Roster:

The Sinstars Graffiti Crew –

Best (Wales), Bom5ive (NYC), Dopie (Holland), Get One (Holland), Kato (Bristol/ Wales), Kilo (Cambridge/London), Rayo (Switzerland), Remer (Exeter), Seks (Plymouth), Skire (London), Skore (Kent), StefRok (NYC), Test One (Wolverhampton), Upstart (Kent)

Film – Girls Dem Sugar, Jaelle Crowe, Jahmal Crowe, Visual Grafix ProductionsViv Perry

Illustration – Nonsinthetik

Photography – Chaya CroweMitzi de Margary , Simon Richardson

SINCru_25_circle_logo_rework_13.4   sincru_dance_illustration   sincru_music_illustration      left_sincru_web_character   right_sincru_web_character_light   London_phone_box_illustration   cabinet2_illustration


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