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Individually spread across the UK, Fly No Filter have spent lockdown creating contained work in their homes, as part of SIN Cru’s Back to the Future 25th anniversary project.  Supported with public funding from Arts Council England, the original idea for this new work was conceived prior to the pandemic, and has become a journey into the unknown.  Everything we take for granted during training and rehearsals, all the beautiful moments and insights you get from a feeling and sharing space with company members, hearing the same music at the same time, finding cadence, and knowing when somethings not right – all dashed when the physical studio is replaced by ZOOM on a gridded computer screen.  Fly No Filter re-imagined their new work in response to COVID19 conditions in an experiment with time.

For more info contact: flynofilter@sincru.co.uk

We have been creating work for theatre since 2000.  SIN Cru Theatre as a touring company, was established in 2005 with the aims of extending the boundaries of Bboyin as an artform, and introducing new audiences to Hip Hop.  SIN Cru uses bboyin and hip hop movement styles integrated with beatboxing, live music and spoken word to create narrative dance theatre.

In addition to three Arts Council England-supported tours, the company has presented work at The Place, Stratford Circus and Sadler’s Wells in London, The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, and at dance theatre platforms including Breakin’ Convention, Move It and B.Supreme.
“Vibrant, irrepressible performance art of the highest quality” – http://www.londondance.com


In 2015, SIN Cru Theatre became Fly No Filter and continues to embrace collaborations with artists from other dance forms and disciplines including drama, physical theatre, music and film, in order to define, reinterpret and extend the boundaries of bBoyin as a performing art.



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