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with the support of Arts Council England and Cambridge YMCA, we present FINEST

‘You’ll just feel a sharp scratch’

Performed by Alex Mechanikool, and inspired by real events, FINEST is a scripted dance-theatre solo based in Poppin’ techniques, exploring the possibilities of what might happen when what you thought defined you, is taken away.  Poppin’ is a funkstyles dance originally from California with its own UK heritage.

Loyal since-ever to the Bridge, Abel has never been on a plane, his Jamaican DNA has never left England, and after every Jack Daniels night out dancing and chirpsing the ladies, he returns to his ground floor flat, kebab in hand.  Everyone knows Abel, he’s the dancer.  He’s the one that can do that, you know, the moonwalk.  

Abel has a condition.  

Everyone knows Abel, he’s the dancer, the one that can do the robot.  

A disorder of the red blood cells.  

White sheets truss his greying limbs, bolted to a body contorted in agony on a perfunctory hospital bed, flanked by the nurse who turned off his morphine drip eight hours ago.  Admittedly she only received twenty minutes training on sickle cell but still refuses to turn the drip back on for the body who has lived with it for forty-nine years.  Under his damp, faded neon Michael Jackson t-shirt, Abel’s left shoulder has crumbled away.  Everyone knows Abel.

‘An amazing mover, as expected…’ Patrick Morris, co-director Menagerie Theatre

The first treatment in over 20yrs is being trialled for sickle cell patients in the UK.  Abel has lived over three decades past the life expectancy given to him at his first diagnosis.  Life and the conversation continues.  Follow Abel Williams in his ends and share your experiences of sickle cell, joy, health, poppin’ and of course, kebabs


FINEST will be available for tour bookings, for small COVID-safe audiences.  Please contact Lise: flynofilter@sincru.co.uk for a chat.

Creative team:  Performance artist | Alex Mechanikool;  Artwork | NonSINthetik;  Music | Major;  Photography | Mitzi de Margary;  Consultancy | Mach-1, Patrick Morris and James Therobot;  Socials | Lauren Stewart c/o Princess Diaries;  Company Manager | Dr Lise Smith;  Writer-Director | Lucy Crowe


We have been creating work for theatre since 2000.  SIN Cru Theatre as a touring company, was established in 2005 with the aims of extending the boundaries of Bboyin as an artform, and introducing new audiences to Hip Hop.  SIN Cru uses bboyin and hip hop movement styles integrated with beatboxing, live music and spoken word to create narrative dance theatre.

In addition to three Arts Council England-supported tours, the company has presented work at The Place, Stratford Circus and Sadler’s Wells in London, The Festival Theatre in Edinburgh, and at dance theatre platforms including Breakin’ Convention, Move It and B.Supreme.

“Vibrant, irrepressible performance art of the highest quality” – http://www.londondance.com


In 2015, SIN Cru Theatre became Fly No Filter and continues to embrace collaborations with artists from other dance forms and disciplines including drama, physical theatre, music and film, in order to define, reinterpret and extend the boundaries of bBoyin as a performing art.

For more info contact: flynofilter@sincru.co.uk


For artists taking part in any of our projects: we use forms to gather information and record permission in case we need to use photos or video collated during one of our sessions. Please follow the link HERE to fill in our photo/video consent and monitoring/equal opportunities forms.


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