2020 is SIN Cru’s 25th anniversary.  We have been delivering arts projects for a quarter of a century, teaching 1000’s of young people, delivering to amateur and professional beneficiaries, creating thought provoking, well received dance theatre, and facilitating opportunities for people to access art and culture through our project work, festivals, events, classes, and performances.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that what we consider normal can be snatched away faster than Paul Daniels’ tablecloth.  We must be more robust and self reliant than ever before.  Over lockdown, changes in the arts and self employed sectors meant that many arts organisations and sole traders simply stopped doing business.  Over the past decade live venues have already seen drastic changes to how people access art and culture, and have had to adapt, but the COVID-19 pandemic left performance spaces closed with no definite time frame, and sadly many have not reopened their doors.

Over the course of our history, SIN Cru has been based at Cambridge Junction, Allia Future Business Centre, Manor Community College, Cambridge Sports and Combat Centre, Changing Spaces, a garage, the old Focus warehouse, under the stairs, and many more temporary offices and rehearsal spaces.  Sometimes in residence for years, in other places for a few months.  For a particularly cold winter in 2013 we abandoned our rented offices which at the time had no central heating, to work out of Starbucks for the whole winter and save ourselves from frostbite.

In the spirit of self reliance and independence, SIN Cru has partnered with Abington Woods to launch a brand new work space build.  This dream build is an experiment in the unconventional, a template for all and any arts organisations and artists to use, to show that development and community go hand in hand.  An offer of stability and security in a pending world, a creative oasis in the middle of the Kings Hedges council estate.  This micro build will be made from a steel shipping container, remodelled to have windows, doors, underfloor heating, and a multi purpose work space for our current and future teams to run the company from.  In designing the studio, we are learning about ecology and spending more time looking outside to be able to create the most productive work space inside.

We have a dedicated team of young people assisting and managing aspects of the project, and in order to realise our goal we are looking for community sponsorship from any companies that specialise in DIY, building, and decorating.

We have created a digital shopping list of items needed to make this project happen

We are also accepting donations to support the build

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This project along with all the work we do at SIN Cru is optimistic, defies the concept of impossible, develops people, builds our communities, and promotes positive changes in people’s lives.

For further info please reach out to Lucy: director@sincru.co.uk

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