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Cotched at the back of a London double decker, the scratchiti on the murky plastic coated windows, and remnants of ink-dribble down the back of the seats infront, weren’t the only messages that registered in the eyes of graffiti artists Kilo and Dref.  It was 1995, the UK Hip Hop scene had reached an abandonment.  There were deep pockets brimming with outstanding creativity but the sense of community had been misplaced.  Kilo and Dref had been painting together, alongside other artists, as Sinstars Graf crew for several years already.  They were used to swapping caps and sharing ideas, so Kingston to Putney, sheltered from the glorious British Summertime, they imagined a dazzling collective of like-minded artists coming together to encompass not only graffiti, but all of the inspirational facets of Hip Hop culture: Baaaaam!  SIN Cru was conceived.

SIN Cru stands for Strength In Numbers and double figures later, we are firmly hailed as originators, and one of the premier crews in the UK.  The headquarters is now based in England’s Hip Hop Central, “The Bridge” under the awe of Cambridge academia where cultural big dawgs including The Nextmen, Seige, and Olivia Newton-John were born.  SIN Cru is both an archive of living history with established bBoys and bGirls, DJs, MCs, Beatboxers and Graffiti Writers, as well as being a hothouse for new talent and imaginative energies.

Through our commitment to producing our own projects and events, including the internationally successful annual festival, SoHHA, and by working with a plethora of clients to help fulfill a variety of contracted and outreach needs, we have built up an impressive and dedicated CV.  Our invitations to perform include The Royal Opera House, Puma, the BBC, and for HRH the Earl of Wessex.  We have led marketing campaigns for corporates and brands including Guinness and Footlocker.  We boast a beautiful longstanding relationship with the local community, and deliver diverse educational programmes in supportive and nurturing environments.

Q. What’s short, green and goes camping? A. A boy sprout

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