be kind rewind

yes this is a tremendous 2008 farce staring Mos Def and Jack Black, that takes you back to the days of Blockbuster Video, VHS and Betamax, being on curfew, and late return fines.  An excellent Thursday night watch.  But before you settle into your sofa and homemade popcorn, please rewind to Monday.  February 17th is […]

bmx school

yessssssssss all new for 2020, 1wmbmx are running a regular BMX school for all budding flatlanders.  The team are holding a special fundraiser this Saturday to showcase flatland BMXing.  If you are a pro or expert rider, bring your skills and share tricks, £10 ride fee.  If you are interested in finding out more about […]

we gots a plan

Fresh Freddie Fresh and JNR Sinstar Able-C have been working with the track Plan, by local rap star Big Heath, to create a new Bboy duet.  They started their creative process by mind mapping all the ingredients they would like to put in to their choreography.  The recipe included a battle, and mixture of solos, routines, […]

loving our lungs

we often creep towards the end of january leaving a trail of discarded resolutions and a post-festive denseness.  Our weekly Wellness class has been taking positive action to combat both these new year blues, by loving our lungs.  Healthy lungs are essential in maintaining vitality throughout the rest of our bodies.  Our lungs become congested […]


towards the end of last year, Camelot released the epic National Lottery 25th birthday advert.  It celebrates all the fantastic not-for-profit projects which have been supported by the National Lottery, featuring many of the organisations who have benefitted, including SIN Cru.  We were delighted to have been invited to represent and it was a wonderful […]


2020 get your hashtag on.  This year we will be bringing you an array of activity in memory of the last two and a half decades, to celebrate SIN Cru’s 25th anniversary, and to show love to the future.  We going to have blow up shizzle and also some quiet reflective moments.  SIN Cru as […]

in celebration of the life of Jack Merritt

Jack was one of two victims murdered on Friday 29th November in the London Bridge Terror Attack.  He was intelligent, loyal, loved music and art, and good food.  He was a prison rehabilitation worker, dedicated to improving people’s lives, and a good friend to many, including Sinstars BGirl RascElle, who was devasted to learn of […]