the sensational ellis connelly band

Catch Greybeard and his associates in Cambridge this Friday.  Almost Alive at the fabulous Dobblers public house this Friday 29th July, the old gentlemen are joined by the gorgeous Clare Gregory as they bring you 100 years of pop history and fun.  The Sensational Ellis Connelly Band will perform acts of bravery and panache with songs from […]

troopfest tonight

Troopfest is a new performance festival at Cambridge Junction, curated by Artist Development Officer, Cath Willmore, to showcase local and regional artists.  Tonight Fly No Filter are performing the second extract from their Glorious R&D work as part of the First Manoeuvres platform.  Supported by Arts Council England, written and directed by Lucy Crowe, If Your Game Don’t Feel Like […]


We were very proud to announce the new JNR Sinstars crew at the Change the Ears summer show last Friday.  More news to follow on the incredible six bboys who made it and are now reppin the JNRs.  In the meantime, sit back and enjoy Father Time by Joe Winter, one of the new JNRs parents.  If you […]

two days left…

Thankyou thankyou thankyou to all our Kickstarter supporters;  Mari, Gab1 & Stuntgal, Val Krash, AdamSki Lives, Vivienne Perry, Hughes Family, Robert  Abrams, Judith Crowe, Kelly Smith, Hannah, Sue Spencer, and all the Anons, you are all glorious.  Sending you big hugs and lots of love. We have very nearly achieved our target with only a couple of days left, so if you haven’t […]

LetTheKids BeKids

47% of children ‘failed’ their Yr6 SATs.  Both the Yr2 and Yr6 tests were described by the NUT as a car crash.  Teachers and unions have called for a complete overhaul of the current education system.  Next year it’s planned that Yr2 tests will be externally marked and levels reported. Yr6 students who do not ‘pass’ […]


Amazing well done to all the cast and crew of Change the Ears last night. Nuns Way Pavilion has never seen anything like it. For 12 hours yesterday, a small pocket of Kings Hedges was turned into the Arctic. What an adventure!

sneaky friday

Tomorrow has indeed crept up on us. 7.00pm at Nuns Way Pavilion, the tragedy and the ecstasy of the penguin who grew too big will be told in a peculiar accent. Please come and join us for our end of year youth and community family show, cake sale and raffle.