glorious london

Fly No Filter‘s groundbreaking female-led contemporary hiphop theatre, The Glorious Tour opens this Wednesday at the Blue Elephant Theatre in Camberwell, London.  Tickets are on sale now for this provoking, and unfiltered social commentary.  Catch us in London until Saturday before we travel north to the midlands. Advertisements


One day on from Mother’s Day, Fly No Filter continue to consider the intricate relationship between parent, child, and insomnia.  At which point do you get used to interrupted sleep, or full on sleepless nights?  And not the exciting sleepless nights of raving all night long, falling home after the shops have opened, and knowing […]

it’s nice to meet you

Today Fly No Filter looked at the last section of act 1 of The Glorious Tour.  To help the company connect emotively with the choreography, we spoke about character and context, and read the chapter, Do Goldfish Have Teeth, from the Venglorious book.  The cast considered what it might feel like to have your whole future happiness depend on […]

i don’t believe i heard you right

Easing into the week with a small task as we build for The Glorious Tour.  Take five minutes to enjoy Jermaine Stewart‘s 1988 hit, Say it Again, and get a feel for the snippets of gestural choreography.  You’ve got to respect a man with relaxed hair and a tash, and please show your appreciation for the double hi-legged leotard […]

common denominator

Today’s The Glorious Tour conversation comes with a bit of easy Sunday listening. What do these tracks all have in common?  Please answer in the comments below, or on a postcard to Barry Took, Points of View, London W12 3QT Bobby Brown – Roni, Michael Jackson – Pretty Young Thing, MC Lyte – Cha Cha […]

this book belongs to

Many children’s books have a page which invites you to write your name on it.  The only piece of paper in the whole book you are officially allowed to mark.  Do you write your name?  How do you feel about your name?  Do you abbreviate, have a nick-name, a tag, a pseudonym, are you aka…  […]