all about balance

Fly No Filter were joined in the studio today by collaborators Hakeem Onibudo, Trui Malten, Ben Swift, and Marketing Apprentice Rachel Jennings.  Mid week Wednesdays are usually a down point on the schedule with energy levels dipping but today was an exception.  Ben Swift from NonSINthetik is creating artwork for The Glorious Tour and said the rehearsal […]

old to the new

With only three more days to go until Fly No Filter hit Jam’N’Juice in Newcastle, Company member Flash Jordan feeds back on today’s exploits in the studio refining material for The Glorious Tour, ‘rehearsal was challenging but fun.  It was enjoyable to work on completely new material as well as go over very old pieces and […]

glorious creation – studio day one

Fly No Filter returned to the studio today for the next phase of The Glorious Tour.  Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, the company are finalising material with guest artists Hakeem Onibudo, Trui Malten, Ben Swift, and Jahmal Crowe.  We will be posting daily updates on the development process as Fly No Filter get ready for […]

satyam – truth itself

This weekend, Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th October is the grand opening of the brand new Satyam Yoga and Wellbeing Centre.  The space is a joint venture for local Cambridge couple Jo and Paul Darking, dedicated to making a positive contribution to all those who pass through the centre doors.  As well as offering a […]

kilo getting up getting up

Big up to Lindon Barr and Studio 3 Productions for their new video featuring Bodywork Theatre School students to the remix of Shean Williams One Dance – all set to a Kilo backdrop.  Local talents coming together, looking fresh:

can money grow on trees?

Who knows, is all I can say to that. Probably.  But one thing which is fo def is that the Grow Your Tenner campaign with Local Giving does literally double your money.  The campaign kicks off on Tuesday 18th October.  SIN Cru have the opportunity to claim up to £2.5k during the match funding period. […]

rethink a drill or head freeze for charity

Hannah Floyd, poet and spoken word artist who often collaborates with SIN Cru and Lucille Rococoa is raising money and awareness for the Humanitarian Services to Children of Vietnam.  Hannah lived in Vietnam, collecting vibrant imagery and experiences which she brings into her writing. Next Tuesday Hannah will be doing a 5 minute headstand in aid of Humanitarian […]