street lives, night lives, and love lives

Back once again is the other renegade master, Mark McGivern with a night of poetry and music this Sunday from 7.00pm at La Raza.  Amongst the splendid line-up, SIN Cru’s tag-team duo Hannah Word3Floyd and Lucy Roc will be performing around and into the microphone.  Hannah will be bringing Glamour and probs a sparkly cardi, […]

more than a score

Have you heard about the More Than a Score campaign?  Click this link to find out how to join the discussion and help to grow the campaign for change to ensure that all children are seen as MUCH more than a score.

13 yrs old was when I wrote my first rap

Easy Sunday listening, watching, and reading;  Check out the Size blog with Talib Kweli to hear him talk about growing up in New York surrounded by hip hop culture, making beats with Madlib (Madeline if you accidentally hit the subtitle button), and his relationship with trainers.  Make sure you hit on the links to find […]

new year across the channel

Love, duplicate french kisses on all cheeks and, some pan au chocolat from ‘no-legs’ Jeggins Geo.  The french Sinstar saw the new year in in the wilderness of the Alps alongside Nextape crew member Noe, “I did my new Eve in the hood and the french tv came to hear about our project ha ha […]

welcome 2017

What an exciting adventure 2017 is going to be…  we have the second half of our 12 Days of Christmas dance challenge YouTube tutorial, more of The Glorious Tour in Musselburgh, London, and Norwich, JNR Sinstar Szymonster‘s solo and youth performances at Energise, new Hip Hop Tots and Foundation projects, Rogue One crew trip to the IMAX, London‘s second lot of injections and […]

resolution 2017

Countdown continues for Fly No Filter’s performance at The Place, London for Resolution 2017.  We will be presenting Roni’s story from The Glorious Tour alongside work by Jocelyn Todd and Simple Cypher which we are all very excited about.  Tickets on sale now from the box office.  Check the latest episode of Planes with Noodle to get you in […]

twelve days of christmas

Join bboy Soopa Noodle with the crew’s twelve days of Christmas challenge. Over the twelve days of Christmas, we will be uploading a new tutorial to our YouTube account to give you some dance moves to learn.  Just like the Christmas carol, our challenge is cumulative so each day you will add something new to what you […]