SIN Cru is a not-for-profit Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in England and Wales:  registered number 12603291.

SIN Cru strives to nurture communities by empowering artists.  We actively work to break down barriers by promising to straddle cultural divisions and offer services that are accessible and engaging for a wide range of participants and audiences.  We provide opportunities for children and their families, the local community, young people, emerging and professional artists, to access activity drawn from the culture of Hip Hop, and complementary practises for greater overall wellbeing, embracing a creative approach to life,  Through teamwork and self-discipline of creative group participative work, personal development, a cultural resources collection, and support networks, we offer people who feel excluded and marginalised the means to express themselves and articulate their views, leading to an improved sense of self worth.  SIN Cru is both an archive of living history with established Bboys and Bgirls, DJs, MCs, Beatboxers and Graffiti Writers, and a hothouse for new talent and imaginative energies.  SIN Cru champions greatness in artists for flourishing futures.

All of SIN Cru’s funding comes from external donations, including many years of grants from Arts Council England, The Big Lottery Fund, sponsorship from brands such as Adidas, Thames and Hudson, and Kangol, statutory funding from local councils supporting community engagement, various trusts and foundations, and funds resulting from touring, performing, and teaching throughout the UK.

Below are some documents for your reference including our Certificate of Incorporation, our Articles of Association, and many of our policies including our Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy.  For further policies, our accounts, other historical documents, or for further information regarding potential funding through grants, donations, or partnerships, please contact Clare at fundraiser@sincru.co.uk

Articles of Association

Certificate of Incorporation

Child and Vulnerable Adults Policy_21

COVID Risk Assessment_Feb22

Equality Policy


Reserves Policy

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