SIN Cru represents all art forms born out of Hip Hop culture and sees each one on its own merit, as well as crucially symbiotic to the others.

Our roots were planted by graffiti artists Kilo and Dref, and the Sinstars graf crew was born.  It wasn’t long before the amazing First Rate and Mr Thing of the original Scratch Perverts DJ phenomenon got down, followed by equally wonderful music artists including Baloo from the Nextmen and the incredibly talented rapper TY.  Marv Ill/ Change the Radio is another example of the diversity amongst the SIN Cru musicians, with his outstanding beatbox and vocal range.  We are most widely known for our work within the bBoy scene as developed by Ill Boogs and TrubLroC with the Sinstars bBoy crew, and JNR Sinstars youth crew.

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