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How can I buy the videos as a gift?

If you are purchasing the episodes as a gift, go through the exact process as you would purchasing for yourself but use the recipients email address. They will then get the access through a WordPress log in the same way you would. You can’t share links so please use the correct email address.

How do I access the videos once I’ve bought them?

Once you have purchased a one off subscription for £11, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt from WordPress. Log in using the button on the Jam Fam page and your confirmation email and you will be sent a log in email, follow the link on your email and you can now access the videos on the page.

How much does it cost?

The videos are a one off fee of £11. This price will never change and once you’ve subscribed you’ll have access permanently. No hidden costs. If we make any changes to our site, we’ll inform you of where you can now access your videos.

How do I pay on card?

We currently offer payments with Stripe, an internationally respected, safe online credit and debit card payments company.

Can I play the videos on my phone?

The videos will be easy to watch on your smart phone and are hosted on a video streaming site that is optimised to multiple devices.

The videos wont load or wont play in my region/ country.

The videos should play in all regions and countries, if for some reason your videos don’t play, contact us and we’ll arrange to send the videos to you so you have a gaurenteed access.

Is Fresh Lion really a Lion?

Yes Fresh Lion is the most Liony Lion you’ve ever met. Lion comes from a large family of lions and has the mane to prove it.

Do I need previous experience to join in?

No previous experience is needed to join in. The sessions teach breakin’ or Bboyin’ and Bgirlin’ – the original Hip Hop dance made famous by moves like the headspin and the windmill, but the sessions teach the very basics of the dance that total beginners can join in.

What resources do I need for the design tasks?

All the design tasks are created to use household items such as chocolate bar wrappers and old cereal boxes. All items can be replaced by other DIY craft objects. You will need scissors and glue or tape.

How much space do I need?

To take part in the dance tasks you need a small but safe amount of floor space, this can be carpeted or hard floor but we suggest you look around for slip and trip hazards before starting and make sure you’re not going to kick anything.

What makes Jazzy James so jazzy?

No one knows what makes Jazzy James jazzy. It’s always been a mystery. He has natural jazz and often gets compliments about it from complete strangers.

What age is Jam with the Fam aimed at?

Jam Fam is made for young people of four years and up to do with their families. The sessions offer a series dance and design tasks created with a range of ages in mind.

What should I wear to dance in?

You can take part wearing any clothing, but for any physical activity we suggest loose fitting clothes that you can move in. Trainers or pumps are preferable to bare feet and shoelaces should be fastened or tucked away to avoid tripping.

Is breakin’ safe?

Breakin’ just like any dance or physical activity puts the practitioner at risk of injury if they don’t warm up and cool down, and if they are reckless or unsafe during practice. The courses include a full warm up and cool down going through all the major joints and muscle groups. If your are starting the session with an injury, please mindful as we can’t offer you feedback on what you should or shouldn’t attempt as we would in face to face sessions. If in doubt contact us and let us know your concerns and we can advise you on what to join in and what to avoid.