Well done to bboys Andres, Reecently, JNR Sinstars Fly Cai and Szymonster, and bgirl Chi Boogie for completing and passing their Arts Awards.  Andres and Reecently achieved Bronze.  You can read Andres’ report on Ealing Takeover in our archive and Reecently’s video diary is on the SIN Cru YouTube – if you haven’t yet subscribed, do 🙂  Fly Cai, Szymonster and Chi Boogie all achieved Silver.  Chi Boogie’s review on the Stretch and Bobbito doc is in our archive and you can enjoy Fly Cai’s interview with Brad Baloo, and Szymonster’s interview with James Therobot both on our YouTube.

If you would like more info on the Arts Award, please go to their website:  If you would like to find out about working with us at SIN Cru Centre of Excellence on your arts award, email our Arts Award Advisor, Lucy:

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