glorious creation – studio day one

Fly No Filter returned to the studio today for the next phase of The Glorious Tour.  Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, the company are finalising material with guest artists Hakeem Onibudo, Trui Malten, Ben Swift, and Jahmal Crowe.  We will be posting daily updates on the development process as Fly No Filter get ready for their next performance at Just Jam’s hip hop theatre night, Jam’N’Juice this Friday.  Today’s nuggets of wisdom come from company dancer Emma Ready, ‘I appreciated the calm atmosphere at rehearsals, and the warm studio.’  Tired wee Emma also muses that she learnt there is a coffee shop just next door to the Oddfellows rehearsal space.  All things considered, a wonderful start to the aptly titled Glorious Creation. 

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