emerge from the silence

Trui Malten, Fly No Filter‘s most wonderful lighting designer, has been working with director Judith Lebiez and musical director Naomi Woo on Sāvitri, a tale of human passion and spiritual devotion. Based on an episode from the ancient Sanskrit epic, the Mahābhārata, Sāvitri is a stunning and evocative musical soundscape by the English composer Gustav Holst.  With 30 minutes of beautiful singing and a full orchestra emerging from the silence, Death warns Sāvitri that the time of her dear husband Satyavān has come.  Armed with compassion, wisdom, and the sheer power of love, Sāvitri engages Death in a battle to claim her husband.  But can one woman outwit even death?  The show opens tonight and runs until Saturday at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge.


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