finding blake

The award winning, multi media creative James Murray-White is making a new three part film exploring the contemporary relevance of mystic painter-poet, William Blake.  Murray-White is working with the Leeds-based rapper Testament to draw parallels between Blake’s artistry and the hip hop makers of today.  Murray-White believes that Blake’s legacy is a pure vision of personal and societal enlightenment. He’s not prescriptive, but inspirational, through his poetry, images and engravings, and by his life. Murray-White believes Blake’s vision continues to enrich culture and those who wish to hear. As the filmmaker in residence at Cambridge University/ NHS dementia research Network, Murray-White is looking forward to filming the new headstone which being carved for Blake, here in Cambridge by master letter carver and stone mason Lida Kindersley MBE.  The crowdfunding campaign has been launched today:  https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/finding-blake    so please click the link, share and support.

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