one more night

Yes Feel Colums (artist formerly known as Phil Collins), we will give you just one more night of The Glorious Tour, this Friday at Norwich Theatre Royal.  As Fly No Filter reach the end of the groundbreaking hiphop theatre tour, we check in with the two youngest members of the company to hear about their experiences on the road and their own definitions of love.  22yr old bgirl Raq explains that since auditioning for the Company last summer, she’s been trying oh so long to let (her now new main gal) Loz know how she feels.  If she stumbles, if she falls, Raq would like Loz to help her back so she can make her see.  Also 22, Loz came to the auditions last year because she wanted to be able to dance everyday of her life, but since meeting Raq, dance is no longer Loz’s only passion.  She said she’d been sitting for so long, wasting time just staring at the phone and was wondering should she call Raq, then she thought maybe she’s not alone.  The two girls were thrown together in the hiphop house where Loz has fond memories of sharing bed linen and pasta dinners with Raq.  Loz describes The Glorious Tour in three words, a roller – coaster – ride, and for Raq, wavy, entertaining, and different.  Loz has enjoyed learning a new dance style and with the girls’ requests for the DJ, Hey Ya by OutKast and Missy Eliot’s Work Itthe two won’t ever be far from the concrete/dance skin/sprung dancefloors. Raq loves performing but possibly not as much as she loves her new squeeze Loz.  The Glorious Tour shares with us all that there are many kinds of love, and like a river to the sea, Loz will always be with Raq and if she sails away, she will follow her.  Love is evol backwards, love is unconditional.
The Glorious Tour for one last night (and matinee), this Friday 6th April, Norwich Theatre Royal.  Click here for tickets.

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