lauren on the glorious tour

After graduating from Laban, and performing with Balletboyz, Protein Dance, and Tom Roden, Lauren Stewart received one of the two emerging artist contracts on Fly No Filter’s The Glorious Tour. During the five week intensive, she successfully ensconced herself in the company, in SIN Cru, and discovered the beginnings of the world of hip hop.  Lauren aka Loz, shared a pot of hummus, some pitta, and deep conversation with our cultural affairs correspondent Iona Frisbee on life as a Fly No Filter company artist.  It all started when Loz was sat on a wall waiting for her friend. Loz was wearing trackie bs and had her hood up when a boy approached her and asked if she had a rizla.  When she replied no, he realised that she was a girl, and immediately changed his tact, ‘OI! Do you have a boyfriend darlin?’ and with that chat-up line, Loz new she was onto a winner.  Loz sees love as ever changing and confusing, from the boy in the street to championing McLovin the monkey cat, to The Glorious Tour.  Loz explained to Iona that she would love to continue her involvement with The Glorious Tour because she wants to have a reason to be moody all the time again.  Loz played the part of Roni, a girl who is experiencing life as a teenager for the first time, from the age of 13 until her 16th birthday.  As Roni, Loz comes face to face with death, with flavoured condoms, and tries to make sense of a body that dosen’t work the way she wants it to.  Not mentioning her stupid name.  As a dancer, learner, performer, company member, James’ no.1 annoyer and Rachael’s wife, Loz learnt how to deal calmly with putting work together from scratch and under the pressure of time constraints.  She found a greater appreciation for breakin and it’s techniques.  The project has taught Loz, what she describes, as ‘an extraordinary amount and everything has helped me so much.  I have learnt a new style which I am now taking forward into my own training because I feel it has helped my contemporary and also my passion to learn and progress in something new.  From being on tour, it helped me adapt to performing in different spaces and audiences very fast, having to work as a group and an individual to change things is an important skill.’  In regards to longer term impact, Loz is now attending regular bboy training sessions because she wants to improve and broaden her skills as an artist.  She would very much like to have the opportunity to continue as a Fly No Filter company member as she feels she has learnt so much and met such great people who she would never have met or learnt from otherwise.  Loz extends her thanks to everyone involved for giving her the chance to be part of the project, and would like the DJ to play out with Bey Bey’s Crazy in Love.  To help Lozza’s dream come true, please support Fly No Filter by checking out our gofundme campaign, donate and share 🙂


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