dear Aldi

we have loved you.  You have been our go-to supermarket for all company food shops, from conference hospitality, to youth projects, to artist tours.  We lived off your 50p flapjacks for the 18 months our studio was next to your Cambridge store.  As Artistic Director of SIN Cru, I am sharing my concern after hearing from our good friend and mentor, David Lambert.  David is a Cambridge based writer and lecturer and has started a petition for you, Aldi, to commit to Zero Plastic:

Why is this important?

“Aldi say they will continue to wrap their products in plastic for a ‘better check out experience’. But Aldi shoppers want a better life experience for the planet.  Aldi’s short sighted plastic policy adds to the trillions of kilos of plastic and micro plastics in our landfills and our seas. It filters down to our ground water, it gets into our fish, and we then eat it. Plastic netting from Aldi lemons and tangerine entangles and chokes seabirds. Plastic film on Aldi meat is absorbed into the chicken or salmon it comes into contact with.”

Dear Aldi, we celebrated your Supermarket of the Year award, and eagerly awaited the refurb of our local store, but are now very let down by your selfishness.  Unless you change your ways by joining the Zero Plastic programme, our relationship will come to an end.

To find out more, to sign and share the petition, click on link: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/get-aldi-to-commit-to-zero-plastic-foor-packaging



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