sacred dances and ideas

SIN Cru friend, supporter, and all round Superstar, Miss Dam James is walking her truth in organising a Gurdjieff seminar at the end of July.  George Gurdjieff was a mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer who drew on Eastern traditions and was responsible for bringing these ideas to the West in the 1920s.  His work trains the development of consciousness through innovative group and individual practise, using music, movement, and writings.  The Sacred Dances and Ideas seminar is a residential retreat, dedicated to the practical application of the teachings of George Gurdjieff and J.G Bennett.

When: 23rd – 28th July

Where: The Wilderness Centre, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire.

With teachers Jose Reyes and Katiuska Ortega from the Dominican Republic, this is shaping up to becoming an international event not to be missed.  The days will be filled with morning meditation, good food, movement workshops, Zikr meditation, and considering ways to lead a more aware and balanced life.

To book, or for further information, please email: missdamjames@gmail.com

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