fenland’s finest in rehearsal

This week I have been lucky enough to be a part of the development of Fly No Filter‘s upcoming performance for Hotbed Festival, Fenland’s FinestFenland’s Finest is a deep and humorous storytelling performance piece based on real life events.  I had my first look at the script on Wednesday and was honestly blown away by the intensity of the story and the skill of the writing.  The piece explores topics of identity, personal struggles and misunderstandings, through the eyes of a character named Abel Williams, a dancer and ex-boxer diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease.

Sickle Cell disease is a group of disorders that affects haemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body.  It is a life limiting condition with controversial and inconsistent treatment strategies.  Symptoms include:
• Fatigue and anemia
• Pain crises
• Swelling and inflammation of the hands and/or feet, and arthritis
• Bacterial infections
• Sudden pooling of blood in the spleen and liver congestion
• Lung and heart injury
• Leg ulcers
For families of sufferers, click here for support website, or call:
0808 808 3555

Fenland’s Finest depicts the struggles and emotions of the disease in a heart wrenching and hilarious piece.  The day I spent in the rehearsal studio listening, and watching it really gave me perspective, and touched my heart.

I’ve seen scripts be developed and worked on by actors before, but never quite as quickly and as impressively as this.  We had a full day read through and rehearsal in which I helped to give feedback and direct the performance with Lucy, a director of SIN Cru.  We watched the extremely talented Hakeem Onibudo go all the way from a first reading of a new script to having a full work-in-progress performance.  His ability to establish a character in such a short space of time really was inspiring, and something I hope to be able to channel in my own future drama performances.

Fenland’s Finest is a work-in-progress theatre performance that will be performed as part of the Hotbed Theatre Festival on July 20th at the Cambridge Junction.  I highly recommend coming along (ages 14+) if you’re a lover of drama – and don’t mind strong adult language, or just want to see a great performance.  For more information please click here for my previous blog post.

written by Nelle yr10 work experience student with SIN Cru, and loving it.

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