living room sessions

Genius.  Its happening.  You can now follow your dream life of fitness, health, and cray cray fun, all without leaving your own living room.  From next week, as part of our Back to the Future transformation project, we will be delivering a programme of Hip Hop activity, with a little sumthin sumthin for everyone, in usual SIN Cru fashion.  Our virtual programme is starting on Monday with artist development sessions for JNR Sinstars, Sinstars, and Fly No Filter company members.  We will be rolling out the new youth and community provision and resources for schools in the weeks to come, so all you need to do is log on and roll off your sofa.  You can even stay lying on the floor for our backrock and bellymill sessions.  Quids in house party people.

If you can’t wait for us to appear in your front rooms, and you missed our interview with quadruple threat DJ Prone, click here for a recording of the show.  SIN Cru coming in your ears with Vinyl Destination and Golddust Radio

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