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words and quandaries from Company Director and Learning and Participation Manager, James Therobot
We have had to radically rethink all the learning and participation goals because of C19 and lock down.  We’ve had to radically rethink a lot of things, but learning and participation has been a big one.  How do you deliver classes to young people without going into schools?  Are young learners going to be back in school any time soon?  When they do, what conditions will it be under?  We didn’t and still don’t have a solid plan from the Government, we have guidelines, but so vague that decisive action seems impossible.  We made a choice to move our planned teaching activity online.  Participate Digital is the name of our new web based classes; delivered via Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, and our social media platforms, we will have a collection of resources, videos, reference points, print outs, and links available to stream, download, and connect to. Once the decision was made, the next big question was: how do we differentiate ourselves from the tens of thousands of organisations and individuals who seem to have the same plan?  It seems like every dancer and organisation is launching digital courses.  Instagram is a sea of How To videos and tutorials; YouTube ads pop up before every video with pieces to camera telling me, ‘learning street dance has never been this easy’, ‘wish you could dance like this?’  All connected into their sales funnel to get us, the consumer, to buy products.  How do we stand out in a saturated market?
Play to our strengths.  Offer what we’ve always offered. Full dance courses, planned with an eye for what works for the body, safe practice, is fun, and has cultural and historical relevance.
Poppin’: this isn’t a choreography class, the course teaches exercises, drills and eventually full styles that are heritage hip hop techniques.  In our eyes, these building blocks make good dancers.
Breakin’: SIN Cru are old age pensioners when it comes to teaching breakin’, we’ve been doing it for 25 years and we’re still bad, I mean good, I mean bad meaning good.  What’s the importance of the front sweep? You’re about to find out.
Sweat Fresh: This class has been a SIN Cru special for several years.  Taught by TrubLroC, it looks at the party and social steps that come from her own history of going out, raving, dancing with people and ‘avin a larf.
Hip Hop Tots: One of our most over subscribed classes in years past.  This class is for 0-6 year olds and their adults.  The course is full of games and ideas for how to play and dance with your tots.
Cease and Settle.  What it says on the tin.  We stop our activity and allow our bodies to relax and drop all the limiting, painful tension that constant Zooms, panic buying at Lidl, and passive aggressively clapping the NHS louder than your neighbours, brings.  Give yourself a chance to recharge from manic lock down life with this yin yoga inspired session.
The courses are built to function over seven weeks, which means they have progression routes that, when followed to completion, we believe are beneficial.  All Zoom classes are completely free with the support of  Arts Council England until the end of our Back to the Future project in mid August, and places are limited to ten spots a course.  Email projects@SINCru.co.uk or hit us up on the socials to reserve a spot.

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