thankyou thankyou and zimzimma

Urban SINfonie online festival is done.Β  Supreme thankyou to:

all our virtual audiences, Linda’s fanclub,

Ken Swift, Geo, Mr Margaret Scratcher, DJ Marshy, LadyBFine, Prone, Brad Baloo and Dom Search from The Nextmen, Sun Sun, Lil’Tim, Ed at Grounded UK, Sheku and Justice, Big South, No Half Stepping, Khagen and RascElle, Force 10, Positive Mindforce, Willexic and Twista, Clean North, Ill Boogs, Pervez, Viv, Dr Lise Smith, Killa Kela, Cutmaster Swift, Lauren Lozza Stewart, Stuntgal, Able_C, Ruby, Sideshow Maule, Darien and Scarlett, DancePlanner, Clare, Ernie E Double, Fly Cai, Chi Boogie, Mikey Cee, Ben Eastwood, Meta Phil, and Linda.Β  VideoSuite Ltd, Menno-Leisure, Truffle Shuffle, Thames and Hudson, FullyDipped, The Big Yellow Self Storage, Break it Down, Funko, Kangol, and Arts Council England

we are now off to return some videotapes,

Reilly, James, and Lucy βœŒπŸ½βœŒπŸΎπŸ’•βœŒοΈ

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