SIN Cru merch has landed…

Created by SIN Cru member, illustrator, designer and BBoy Nonsinthetik, we’ve got a range of stickers, notebook and even wallpaper for the true SIN Cru fan.

Nonsinthetik (or Ben, as he is also known) talks us through his creative process…

What kind of work do you normally produce?

I am primarily an illustrator with two main styles: a highly detailed realistic one used primarily for portraits, and a more cartoony style featuring my trademark scribble head characters.

I draw everything with a pen, scan it and then colour using Adobe Illustrator.

How did you first get involved with SIN Cru?

We were all Breakin’ and going to the same Hip Hop clubs in London in the late nineties. I met Kilo and the other members of the Sinstars crew at nights like Scratch, The Hop and Funkin’ Pussy.

At some point he asked Twista and myself who are in Style First Crew to represent Sinstars and would join the crew for bookings and performances.

Who is your greatest creative inspiration? 

I’m inspired by the original NY graffiti guys who took their art to the next level through character design, graphics, style and scale: Doze, Futura, Haze and Kaws. I’m also a big fan of Drew Struzan, the film poster artist.

Why did you design the wallpaper, notebooks and stickers?

They have been created to generate income for SIN Cru, which we then use to fund our activities. By buying our merch, you’re helping to support the work we do. We also thought they were a fun, unusual way to build our brand – not many people make their own wallpaper!

The sticker pack was made as part of SIN Cru’s 25th anniversary celebrations. The wallpaper was originally created as a backdrop for filming the Jam with the Fam series, you can now buy it in bespoke sizes. The pad uses the same design as the wallpaper and is aimed at SIN Cru class participants – and whoever needs a funky new notebook.

What influenced the style?

The sticker pack has three designs – the SIN Cru 25th logo, S T U S H logo and a scribble head character. The 25th logo was inspired by classic anniversary designs and a nod to the MGM film logo.

The S T U S H logo is a classic bold graffiti tag style. The character represents the dance form of Breakin and community through the multiple skin tones, and is in my trademark cartoon style.

The wallpaper design is a combination of characters and images created notating Participate Digital Breakin and Hip Hop Tots classes with relevant hand drawn typography. I was influenced by The Fresh Prince of Bel Air wallpaper, in the opening title sequence.

Were there any challenges in designing wallpaper?

Getting the colour right was the main thing, it went through a number of colour way changes to get the balance right.

What was your favourite bit of the design process?

During the colour process when you begin to drop all the shades and tones into place, you can see the final result comng together. As I start with black outlines to colour, the end result can look and feel totally different.

Who did you have in mind when you were designing them? 

SIN Cru participants initially, the wider Hip Hop community and anyone who appreciates design and illustration.

Wallpaper, notepads and sticker packs are all on sale now via our Etsy site