£2k in one month

Fly No Filter danced their way from C-Town to London, Coventry, Impington, St Albans, Norwich and back to the Bridge sharing questions of love and collecting the best chat-up lines, whilst covered in Johnsons Baby Talc (or bread mix).  The Glorious Tour may be taking a rest from the road but the work isn’t over.  Thanks to support from Arts Council England we are able to pay our fantastic dancers and creative collaborators, however we have some remaining expenses to cover and we’re looking for your help to support our work and make sure there is still a Fly No Filter in the future.  We have just launched our gofundme campaign, with a month to raise our shortfall of £2,000.  Please take a moment to visit our page, donate, and share with others.  Like any great Blue Peter Appeal, the more of you who get involved, the brighter our totaliser shines.


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