a piece of cake

Tuesday mornings have become a small and important haven for a group of Abbey mums calling themselves A Piece of Cake.  Supported by Cambridge City Council, A Piece of Cake has been baked by Menagerie Theatre as an opportunity for local mums to get together and explore issues through theatre, with a mug of tea and a slice of cake.  Last year the group was led by Caroline Rippin who handed the electric whisk over to Fly No Filter‘s AD Lucy Crowe for the autumn term.  Lucy has been working with the group on themes, concepts, and theatrical styles relating to the Only When Its Feathers are Grown r&d.  The women have had the opportunity to work with Fly No Filter company member, Lauren Stewart on characterisation which they were elated with, and asked if Lauren’s portrayal of a moody teenage girl could return every week, but not to wait for them at home 🙂  In a parallel, A Piece of Cake have taken a trip to see Caroline in action as she rehearses for The Great Austerity Debate, and will all be catching up with its developments when they see the final performance on tour in November.  Tuesdays for group members Emma and Claire, are “the best day of the week which we both look forward to.”

For more info about the group, please email: office@menagerie.uk.com

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