lets talk about the descent, baby

SIN Cru intern, Tom O’Donohoe, prepared to interview Dr Michelle Nyangereka in the field of Abington Woods, feeling the warm breeze and watching the leaves skid across the grass.  He decided to set up in an area where the sun was in clear view and they wouldn’t be disturbed by falling debris from the surrounding trees.

Michelle is a psychologist with a deep interest in the myth of The Descent.  Mother to two children and two cats, she meditates in her spare time to focus her mind and get ready for the day, and also to unwind at the end of each day.  Michelle is bringing her specialist knowledge and meditative calm as a contributor in the R&D project, Only When Its Feathers are Grown.  Her role is to highlight the story of The Descent through the narrative of the lead characters, Roni and Mia, and to also explain the psychological side of The Descent to help the company connect and understand the myth, so we can then use this during the creative process of the project.

Michelle believes that The Descent it is a rite of initiation for women, to help them connect to their true feminine nature, and by extension support men to form a healthier relationship with their feminine side.  An understanding of the concept is also used to encourage masculine and feminine balance in the body of both men and women.

It’s Michelle’s first time working alongside Fly No Filter and she is considering how the company will be able to listen to what she has to say on deeper levels, over a relatively short span of time.  Usually when exploring the psychologies of The Descent, Michelle would work with a client over an extended period with an existing understanding of their background, and an established relationship.  For this project, she is coming in to it cold, meeting members of Fly No Filter and collaborators for the first time, so she is feeling her way around how we might access the myth of The Descent.

Tom has never looked at how a psychologist can help create dance work, and seeing how all the tiny pieces of un-related matter actually connect to develop movement phrases, is arresting.  As it started to get colder, the wind slightly harsher and with Tom still learning about Michelle’s role, what she does, and how she will bring that into the creative process of this project, they headed back inside to prepare for tea.

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