We are back, hitting 2019 head on.  If you are anything like us, and launching forward with attack into the new year, then you need a brand-new-old-style Kangol Bermuda to provide protection against potential concussion.  Meet us at FullyDipped, the online store selling vintage hip hop clothing, fresh hip hop art work, and a wide range of cultural literature.  FullyDipped was founded as a cultural experiment by artists Ben Swift and Lucille Rococoa. The idea was generated by entrepreneur collaborator, Rolph Lauren who has a keen interest in vintage fashion and tutus. Together they sourced the beginnings of the stock with the core desire to represent the history of hip hop lifestyle. After some months of part-time trading, the store took a break to evaluate and prepare for its official FullyDipped launch… TODAY! FullyDipped is housed at Etsy, and supported by easyfundraising so once you have registered with easyfundraising, every time you buy from FullyDipped, you are doubly supporting SIN Cru’s projects, communities, and artists.  BlaAAMmmmmm

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