loving our lungs

we often creep towards the end of january leaving a trail of discarded resolutions and a post-festive denseness.  Our weekly Wellness class has been taking positive action to combat both these new year blues, by loving our lungs.  Healthy lungs are essential in maintaining vitality throughout the rest of our bodies.  Our lungs become congested by pollution, so mucus gathers to catch microbes and pathogens 🦠, adding to the feeling of heaviness.  In the ancient Chinese philosophy of yang sheng, each organ is associated with a different emotion – grief resides in the lungs.  That’s a total lot of weight to be lugging around, so for lighter steps forward into 2020, we have been prioritising our breathing as the most vital body function of all.  Deep and full breathing relaxes our bodies by stimulating the vagus nerve, which is in charge of turning off the fight or flight reflex, and also combats inflammation.  In our Wellness class we have spent this month building the beginnings of new habits for simple longterm lifestyle changes; we have been breathing smiles into our lungs to dissolve grief, and working on poses to stretch the chest and stimulate the lungs.  And green tea is a wonderful refresher, full of antioxidants which help reduce inflammation in the lungs and protect lung tissue.

Check the links for some great asanas for majestic lungs – dandasana, setu bandhasana, anjaneyasana, and parighasana

Wednesday Wellness| 4.30pm – 5.30pm throughout term time| Chesterton Community College, Cambridge CB4 3NY


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